Facelift, MACS lift and neck lift

What is a face lift?

A facelift pulls the skin on your face more tightly, removing the surplus skin in front of the ear. There are different options: a MACS lift, a full face lift and a neck lift.

Face lift

There are different options, depending on your case:

  • With the MACS lift the surgeon removes excess skin in front of the ears and stretches the mimic muscles with a few loops. These pull the neck and the jaw line more tightly. A week after the procedure, the only evidence left is a small inconspicuous scar in front of the ear. A major advantage of the MACS lift is that after about a week, your face will be fully presentable again. This usually takes place under local anaesthetic combined with a sedative.
  • Neck lift: If there is too much excess skin on the neck (turkey neck), a MACS lift will not provide the desired result. In this case the neck is lifted individually or together with a MACS lift, and the doctor pulls the excess skin behind the ears and then removes it.
  • A full face lift treats the entire face and neck. This will leave a small scar in front of the ear, but also behind it, up tot the hairline.

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With a facelift, only the sagging skin and muscles are tightened. This procedure will not have any influence on fine wrinkles and pigment disorders. These are to be treated with Botox and fillers or other skin treatments.
The surgeon may recommend combining a face lift with an eyelid correction, a forehead or eyebrow lift, liposuction of the neck and/or a Blue Peel.

Prices for a MACS-lift, a neck lift and a full face lift

The price for a MACS lift is as of €3,800.
The price for a neck lift is from €3,800.
The price for a full facelift (face + neck) is as of € 7,000.

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