• Your face is your visiting card. Keeping it in an optimal condition makes everyday life easier. A harmonious face makes you feel stronger and be more attractive.

Eyelid correction, blepharoplasty

With an eyelid correction, we correct the upper or lower eyelid, or both. The excess skin disappears and if necessary, the surgeon also removes part of the muscle and excess fat tissue underneath.

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Facelift, MACS lift and neck lift

A facelift pulls the skin on your face more tightly, removing the surplus skin in front of the ear. There are different options: a MACS lift, a full face lift and a neck lift.

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Ear correction, otoplasty

An ear correction improves the position and size of the ear. Torn ears or ear lobes can also be restored.

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Nose correction, rhinoplasty

A nose correction adjusts the tip of the nose, the bridge or the septum. The surgeon can correct the length, height and breadth of the nose, or set a crooked nose straight.

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To correct deep wrinkles

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Chin correction, chin prosthesis

There are four possible procedures for the chin: enlarging the chin and bringing it slightly forward (chin prosthesis), removing excess fat (liposuction), taking away slightly sagging skin (wedge excision), tightening the sagging muscle under the skin along the middle line (turkey neck).

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Rosacea treatment

We help you get rid of rosacea spots on your skin with a laser.

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With a little body fat from the belly or buttocks, the surgeon fills deep wrinkles and restores lost volume in the face

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A filler which is injected under the wrinkle or in the lips hides the wrinkle. The filler hydrates the skin and restores its volume.

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Atlas Beauty Institute

Do you want to relax in an friendly yet professional environment? Are you looking for a top quality beauty treatment? Do you attach great importance to personal attention? Then the Atlas Beauty Institute at the Atlas Kliniek is the right place for you.

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BOTULINUM TOXIN is a natural protein, but above all a successful medicine. Neurologists, eye doctors and ear nose and throat specialists have already used it for years to slacken muscles which have pulled together. BOTULINUM TOXIN blocks the stimulus from the nerve to the muscle, which relaxes it. The result? The skin lying above becomes smoother.

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