Total concept

Totaal concept for cosmetic surgery and beauty care

The Atlas Kliniek is the place to be for all kinds of cosmetic surgery. But it is also an overall body care and beauty care concept. From killer thighs to the perfect teeth. From an enjoyable facial treatment to breast and nose corrections. But we also offer so much more. With us you’re in excellent hands.

Beauty institute: The Atlas Beauty Institute

The Atlas Beauty Institute, is the beauty institute of the Atlas Kliniek. You’ll find a wide range of high quality beauty treatments.

The Atlas Beauty Institute offers the very best results in terms of beauty and body care. You will be treated with the unique and exclusive products from Obagi and ZO Skin Health.

Nieuwelaan, 224, B - 1860 Meise, Telefoon: +32(0)2/260 11 00, Fax: +32(0)2/260 11 11, E-mail:

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