Plastic surgeons, aesthetic specialists and other staff

The Atlas Kliniek team is trained, experienced and always willing to offer that little extra. Just like our patients, each member of our staff has a unique story and a special motivation to be part of the team.

Medical staff

Dr. Patrick Wilikens, Plastic surgeon

°1962                  Vilvoorde
Married, father of 3 children
1987                   Doctor in Medicine, AZ VUB
Since 1987         Student at the Academy of Arts, Anderlecht
Since 1990         Member of Royal BelgianAsscociation for Plastic Surgery
1993-2005         Private practice in Wolvertem
1994-2006         Plastic Surgeon, Mechelen Hospital
1994-heden       Plastic Surgeon, Willebroek Hospital
2000-2005         Plastic Surgeon, Velthuis Kliniek Eindhoven, NL
June 2005           Atlas Kliniek opening

Patrick loves crafts, drawing, sculpting, painting, creating beauty is his passion.

He is very demanding in all he does. Whether it is swimming, biking, running marathons or executing a facelift.

The happiness of his patients is what makes him tick. Not surprising then that many men and women find their way to the Atlas Kliniek following the advice of friends, colleagues or acquaintances.

Dr. Sonja De Breucker, Anaesthetist

Medicine, VUB, 2001 & Anaesthesia, VUB, 2006
Since 2007 she has combined a job at Antwerp’s St-Vincentius hospital with Atlas Kliniek.

In her professional life she is mainly stimulated by the technical aspect of the job, the broad spectrum of medicine she deals with, the narrow link with surgery and naturally the social contact with the many patients she meets.

Sonja is a mother of three children and a keen sportswoman. She enjoys running (Brussels 20 Km, Antwerp 10 miles, ¼ marathon), cycling and skiing.

Dr. Luc Van Overberge, Anaesthetist

Medicine, VUB, 1984
Anaesthesia, 1989, VUB and Hannover
Anaesthesiology staff member UZA (Antwerp University Hospital), 1989-1991

Luc specialised further in Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia (UZA) and Autotransfusion (Colorado, USA). He has been involved in the organisation of the Anaesthesia ward at Atlas Kliniek from the start. He has also worked at St.-Jozef Kliniek in Willebroek in the Anaesthesia and Intensive Care wards. Luc’s professional motivation is that via his knowledge of the pharmacological characteristics of anaesthesia products, he can ensure that patients undergo a painless and stress-free operation. In his free time Luc has already flown over our heads a few times; he is a private pilot.

Paramedical staff

Brenda Rents, Nurse

Martine Vansteenkiste, Medical Assistant

After her studies of modern languages, Martine lands quite quickly in the Human Resource department of an international pharmaceutical company. Gradually and with the necessary training,

she becomes HR manager, a position she enjoys during servarl years thanks to its human aspect.

 After a career of 20 years, she decides to quit her job in order to assist her husband in his medical practice. With this medical background, she joins the Atlas team in 2012; here she is happy to contribute to the mental and physical health of the patients.

 Reserved and calm in her social life, Martine is above all an epicurean. Convinced that ”you only live once and that’s now”, she enjoys the present moment and rarely looks back. What she does, she does because she likes it.

 Martine has 2 adult children, loves cultural trips, cooking, developing her creativity in interior decoration and gardening, without forgetting keeping healthy and fit.

Other colleagues

Manuela Octave , Foodcoach

Diana De Sousa, Assistant

Diana completed her accountancy studies in 1983. She also began her professional career as an accountant in Brazil. Diana joined the Atlas Kliniek team in 2011.

What she enjoys most about her work is the variety and the frequent dealings with other people. She loves her children, dancing and life in general. Diana is well settled here. She really enjoys Belgian culture and gastronomy.

Diana is a mother to four children

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