Breast enlargement

Would you like to have larger breasts? Have your breasts lost their firmness since your pregnancy or after losing a lot of weight? Are they melting away with the years? In these cases, a breast enlargement is ideal.

Breast enlargement procedure

Because your breasts do not contain any muscle tissue, muscle exercises do not have any effect on their volume or firmness. An operation is the only way to enlarge, firm or lift breasts.

Breast prostheses

The surgeon uses prostheses of different shapes, sizes and fillings. The shell consists of silicone and the filling of cohesive silicone gel, approved for use in medical devices. Silicon prostheses feel softer and more natural than salt-water implants. They are also less likely to leak.

The Atlas Kliniek only works with breast implants of the highest quality, which have undergone strict clinical development processes and extensive production and quality tests.

Consult our specialists for expert advice tailored to your needs and requirements. They practice the latest techniques and offer you tailor-made advice on the most appropriate aesthetic treatment.

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During the first consultation, the surgeon carefully measures the breasts and detects any asymmetry. With the help of a sample prosthesis and a sports bra, you will get an idea of the volume you would like. We encourage you to wear a tight round neck T-shirt so you immediately can appreciate the effect. The doctor will guide you in choosing the right prosthesis. During the procedure, the surgeon inserts the prosthesis through the breast fold, the areola or the armpit. The breast fold is the safest option. During the consultation, you will discuss whether the implant will be placed in front of or behind the breast muscle. The procedure is mostly performed under general anaesthetic.

Prices breast enlargement

As of €3,950.

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