Hair transplant

  • Hair transplant

    Transplant of hair without removal of parts of the scalp.

Treatment against hair loss

The FUE technique

Do you, like many men, suffer from a receding hair line or thinning hair patches on your head? Do you have a scar on hairy skin after surgery or a burn? Do you want to have bald areas filled in? Does your eyebrow need repair after a wound or frequent epilation? The Atlas Kliniek can help. We can even restore bald patches in a beard or moustache.

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The doctor always uses the FUE technique for hair transplants. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. She removes each hair root individually on the back or side of the head (or another donor area) in order to plant them in the bald patches. There is no knife involved! The doctor transplants up to 2,500 hairs per day.

The tiny wounds heal as small white dots. Even if you shave your hair to as short as 0.5 cm, you won’t see them.

For a first consultation, the doctor will examine the cause of your hair loss and discuss the treatment options with you. The doctor takes a few measurements to calculate how many transplants are required. The number also determines the price. You will determine a treatment plan together and discuss how the procedure works.

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