• Aesthetic dentistry

    The Atlas Kliniek proposes a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments.

Bleaching, veneers and white fillings

In addition to bleaching of teeth, placing facets can be an aesthetic alternative for beautiful healthy white teeth. The teeth are ground down to a minimum on the outside as to accommodate the porcelain facets.

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Crowns and bridges

Do you need more than a normal filling to restore your teeth? Then an crowned tooth will solve your problem. The dentist makes the tooth smaller by filing it, so that he can apply the crown.

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Implants and prostheses

An implant can serve as substitute for one or more teeth or as attachment for a prosthesis.

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Gum corrections

Not only your teeth are decisive for a beautiful smile, even your gum determines your appearance. Your gum may hinder your smile in different ways. Gum Corrections hereby offer a solution.

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Our orthodontist works with both children and adults. Improving your teeth later in life is possible.

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