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Do you want to feel better about yourself without drastic surgery? Do you want to look better? Maybe you need to lose weight for health reasons? There are so many reasons to choose to go on a diet. Losing weight healthily is not about the ideal size, but about your target weight.

You are what you eat: healthy living with the right diet advice

Your target weight is not an absolute figure but a margin within which you can play. To determine your healthy weight, you may use the Body Mass Index (or BMI).

Body Mass Index

BMI = current weight (in kg) / height² (in m)

  • BMI under 18.5 : underweight
  • BMI between 18.5 and 25 : normal weight
  • BMI between 25 and 30: overweight
  • BMI over 30: obese

Obesity: a ticking time bomb in your body

Are you suffering from obesity? Then you are running an increased risk of diabetes, heart and vascular diseases, high blood pressure, arthritis, sleep apnoea, varicose veins, gallstones and hormone disorders. Obesity is like a ticking time bomb in your body. In this case not only are you losing weight for aesthetic reasons, but also to protect your health.

The Atlas protein diet

Time for a change? The Atlas protein diet limits your fat and starch intake, which means that your body draws on its fat storage. By mainly eating protein, you lose fat but maintain your muscle mass. The protein products you are given are of a very high quality and have an outstandingly balanced composition. So you can lose weight quickly but safely.

Afraid of that drained hungry feeling? The dietician puts together your diet plan so that you feel good and maintain enough energy. After three days your hunger will also disappear. Under medical supervision, you can get a slimmer figure safely. You don’t need to fear the yo-yo effect either, thanks to the built-in stabilisation phase.

A healthy diet starts with a good discussion

During the first discussion the dietician asks you questions about what and how you eat. She takes your measurements, weighs you and measures your body mass. On this basis, she puts together an individual nutrition plan. When doing so, she takes into account your habits and wishes. Together you determine your target weight.

The dietician explains how the diet works and gives you tips on the best way to prepare your meals. Sometimes she also gives you food supplements. She explains the food triangle to you and tells you how much of each foodstuff you need.

After two weeks you have a check-up visit with the dietician. She encourages you to keep to your diet with concrete advice and personal tips. She gives you recipes for light meals, cooking tips, tips for going to restaurants or explanations about how to read a nutrition label.

Consult our specialists for expert advice tailored to your needs and requirements. They practice the latest techniques and offer you tailor-made advice on the most appropriate aesthetic treatment.

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Congratulations, you’ve reached your goal!

After you have completed your weight loss diet, you will also be given clear guidelines and a food plan in order to maintain your new weight.

You only follow a strict diet when you are extremely overweight, and under medical supervision. This way you will ensure that you still take in enough vitamins and minerals. Otherwise you will accumulate deficiencies and quickly become tired and irritable.

Don’t need to lose weight but do need to follow a diet? Feel free to consult our dietician for reasons than weight loss. Do you have diabetes, high cholesterol or digestion problems? Do you have a heart or vascular disease or are you pregnant? Do you suffer from allergies or are you intolerant of certain nutrients? Then come and see us. The dietician can also put together a food plan suitable for vegetarians.

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